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Raw Black Soap strips the skin from all unwanted and excess oils, creating a clean canvas, and giving the skin a fresh reset. Black soap with its high content in many vitamin and minerals such as Vitamin A, E, K, helps the skin to regenerate new skin cells, fight premature aging, fade dark marks, boost the production of collagen and tone, and firms and tightens skin. Unlike other black soaps, Yadain Cultural Solutions Raw Black Soap has a balance of moisture preventing any harsh side effects such as extreme dryness and breakouts.

Signature 100% Cold Processed, Raw Bar Soap: RAW BLACK SOAP (6oz)

SKU: wh020 (U.P.C #850005532002)

    Cassava Leaf for your body:

    • Smoothens And Brightens Your Complexion. The peel of cassava plants can be used as a skin exfoliator. 
    • Great Face Mask. 
    • Hydrates The Skin. Cassava can also hydrate your skin tone and make it smooth and soft.  
    • Removes Scars And Spots.

    Banana Peel for your body:

    • Rich in antioxidants, fiber and essential nutrients.
    • Helps brighten the skin and reduce wrinkles.
    • It even acts as a moisturizer and helps in hydrating the skin.
    • Several studies have found banana peel to have anti-inflammatory properties, too.

    Casava leaf, banana peel,  coconut fat, plantain skin, lemon peel, mango seed, miswak root, myrrh resin, vanilla root


    ***As always, we infused all promised ingredients in every bottle to ensure quality results after every use***

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