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Yadain Cultural Solutions uses this amazing lemongrass herb since it offers an array of medicinal benefits and is in extensive demand due to its antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. Lemongrass is also known for its ability to reduce muscle aches and join pain. Excellent for use on children since this product is organic and cruelty free. So peace and cheers to good health!

Lemongrass Butter Extreme Whipped Shea Butter Body Butter

SKU: wh070 (U.P.C. # 850005532743)

    Lemongrass for your body:

    • Organic lemongrass essential oil has purifying properties which make it perfect for skincare.
    • These properties help to remove impurities, detoxify the skin and leave it feeling clean and clear.
    • Antioxidants are good for you as they help to neutralise damaging free radicals, which can be harmful to your skin.

    Papaya for your body:

    • Moisturizes Skin. 
    • Clears Pigmentation. 
    • Reduces Wrinkles. 
    • Reduces Under-Eye Dark Circles. 
    • Helps Treat Eczema And Psoriasis. 
    • Treats Melasma. 
    • Removes Tan. 
    • Controls Acne Breakout.

    Aloe for your body:

    • Helps soothe sunburn
    • Anti-inflammatory properties
    • Helps to moisturize the skin
    • Heals minor cuts and bruises rapidly
    • Fights skin-aging
    • Reduces infection and acne
    • Lightens blemishes on the face

    Raw Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, 100% Vegetable base, Lemongrass Extract, Malabar Grass, Vitamin E, A, F, C, Papaya Extract, Aloes Cape Powder, Periwinkle Herb


    ***As always, we infused all promised ingredients in every bottle to ensure quality results after every use***

  • Usage & Application:

    Apply to skin generously. Can be used on wet or dry skin.


    • No Synthetic Colors

    • No Alcohol

    • No Formaldehyde

    • No Parabens

    • No Glycols

    • No Mineral Oil

    • No Petroleum

    •  No Sulfates 

    • No Lanolin

    • No Problem

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